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A few words about solid state physics

About my diploma thesis

The title of it is "Charakterisierung von laseraktiven Chromzentren in Kaliumzinkfluorid" (Characterisation of laser-active chromium centres in potassium zinc-fluorid). The material is a made of K, Zn and F which crystalize in Perovskit structure. Chrom substitutes Zink and can be in two different charge states: 2+ and 3+. The latter one gives rise to a nice transition which can be used in tunable lasers. The 2+ centre absorbes that radiation, though. Hence the idea was to investigate the different centres by ODMR.

About my PhD thesis

"Optisch detektierte magnetische Resonanz an intrinsischen Defekten und Akzpetoren in Zinkoxid und Galliumnitrid".
Zincoxid and Galliumnitrid are two fantastic semiconducters with a wide band gap of about 3.45 eV. They are interesting for optoelectronical-devices in the blue/UV spectral range. Both materials turn out to be n-type conductive in nature and it is difficult to make them p-type (in fact, ZnO still remains n-type). My work is a study of different centres in both materials, intrinsical and substitutional candidates for acceptors (p-type cond.).

About the technique: ODMR

Optically detected magnetic resonance is a method which belongs to the category "solid state spectroscopy". It can be very mighty but isn't seen often these days. It traces the optical effects caused by defects in crystal structure back to the origin.
Description of ODMR


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